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Elmshorn - Our Location

The 3rd official TYPO3 Developer Days will take place in Elmshorn, Germany. Elmshorn is approx. 30km northwest of Hamburg and can be reached by train, airplane and car.

Please have a look at the following directions, then you will find our location without problems. In addition to the written directions, we prepared a map giving you an overview of Elmshorn and Hamburg.

Travelling by airplane

There is no direct train from Hamburg Airport to Elmshorn. To save time, please take the special bus called Airport Express to the Hamburg main station and then take the train to Elmshorn.

At the airport, the Airport Express departs directly at the exit of the terminals. Just follow the signs and you will find the bus stop. Tickets are sold in the bus and at the Airport office ,which is located inside the terminals. A one-way ticket is 5 EUR, a round-trip ticket is 8 EUR. There is a bus every 15-20 minutes.

At the Hamburg main station (Hamburg Hbf) please take the train to Elmshorn, there are lots of (e.g. R60 or R70), please have a look here. A one-way ticket is 4,20 EUR.

The whole trip will take about 1 hour.

Please see the directions in the next section for the way from the railway station Elmshorn to our location.

Travelling by train

Most long distance trains will bring you to Hamburg main station. From there you can reach Elmshorn in approx. 25 minutes by train. From the railway station Elmshorn to our location (Nordakademie), you have to walk for about 10-12 Minutes.

There are lots of trains going from Hamburg main station (Hamburg Hbf) to Elmshorn, please have a look here. A one-way ticket is 4,20 EUR, available at a ticket machine or at the counter.

Trains from the south (e.g. Hamburg) arrive in Elmshorn at platform #1. Walk downstairs and then to the right.

Trains from the north arrive in Elmshorn at platform #2 or #3. Search downstairs for a small yellow sign Arbeitsamt/Finanzamt/Berufsschulen and a blue sign Mühlenstraße - this is your direction!

Leave the tunnel straight ahead into the Mühlenstraße (on your left hand side you'll find  the nice restaurant Mario's). After about a 100m, walk straight over the crossing and follow the Mühlenstraße until you reach the Mühlendamm. Cross the street at the lights, turn right into the Mühlendamm and stay on the left side of the road.

Cross the bridge, pass the white villa on your left hand side and after another 75 metres look for a small footpath on your left hand side (on the left side of the way there is a stone ANNO 1789). Follow the footpath and keep left (on your left you'll see a swimming pool). After about 250m look for the Nordakademie on your right hand side - this is where the conference will take place.

If you didn't manage to find the small footpath, keep left (Langelohe) until you reach a roundabout. Turn left into the Köllner Chaussee and after about 100m you'll find the Nordakademie on your left hand side - this is where the conference will take place.

Travelling by car

Parking situation

There is a car park in front of the Nordakademie, but as the T3DD will take place during the terms, there might be not enough place for all cars. Attention: the gate in front of the car park will be closed at 22:00, there is no possibility to open this gate afterwards.

You can use the car park of the indoor swimming pool Elmshorn which is located a few minutes from the Nordakademie. If you drive the upper described way, the car park is located 150m in front of the Nordakademie on the same side.

Where to put your camper?

There are three possibilities to put you camper over night: